• Name: Dong

    Hair: Long Straight Black

    Style: Party

    Outfit: Hoity Toity

    Top: A see-through white top with a red rose-petal design throughout.

    Skirt: A form-fitting red skirt that reaches down just to knee-length.

    Shoes: Floral red sandals that are finely detailed and exotic.

    Bag: A red bag with multiple pouches.

    Earring: Red diamond earrings that get you in the party mood as soon as you put them on.

  • Name: Jennifer

    Hair: Slicked Long

    Style: Party

    Outfit: Space

    Dress: An extraterrestrial dress that makes you feel like you're floating in zero gravity.

    Shoes: Clomp around town and own the dance floor with these hardy platforms.

    Bag: Keep your clutch bag close and your horoscope closer with this.

    Earring: Exquisite has been redefined with these earrings.

    Ring: A soul-enslaving large gemstone that makes a statement upon your knuckle.

  • Name: Kathy



    Outfit:Keep Up

    Dress:Soar the skies and walk the winds with this active, blue dress.

    Jacket:A powerful workout jacket with a dragon design to bring the ferocity inside you out in the open.

    Shoes:Sweet silver sneakers that can push through the long hual and still look brand new.

    Bag:A designer-made bag.See-through and highly exquisite.Luxury Fashion.

    Socks:Long stockings, red like a nicely aged cabaret.

    Earring:Deep red earrings which hang down, tight to your ear.

  • Name:Adriana

    Hair:Long Romantic Blonde



    Top:A highly decorative top with every color of the rainbow.Resplendant and bold.

    Skirt:A multi-layered skirt, ideal for dancing with your hips.

    Shoes:High heels designed to be worn on your tropical vacation.

    Bag:A handbag with a clip and some interesting looking birds flying about.

    Necklace:Don't go on vacation without a beautiful pendant necklace.

    Earring:Multicolored earrings that can match with anything you wear.

    Bracelet:A blue and yellow bracelet. It is sturdy and feels good on your wrist.

  • Name: Giselle

    Hair: Natural Wave

    Style: Party

    Outfit: Tikini

    Top: A very sexy lace top that exposes enough, but still leaves plenty to the imagination.

    Bottom: Purple lace panties that show off your assets particularly nicely.

    Shoes: These spectacular boots ride up high.

    Wings: Soar away in style with these light blue beauties.

    Necklace: Intricately handmade, this necklace has so much going on, you don't want to leave home without it.

    Earring: Cool blue earrings that are so long, they tickle your shoulders when you begin to dance.

  • Lin
  • Aum
  • Tracy
  • Gigi
  • Bee




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