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How do I get as much Gold as possible?

2017 09 21 [GMT]

Q: How do I get as much Gold as possible?

A: There are several ways! Use up all the free attempts every day to make the most of them! You can also buy extra attempts with Diamonds.

1. Assist customers in the Boutique. At least 15 customers will visit your Boutique every day. Make them happy! The more times you assist a customer, the more loyal she will be and the higher her budget. 

2. Complete travel missions. Each landmark can be cleared 10 times every day. Redo the cleared stages until your miles are used up! 

3. Make wishes at the Fountain. You have 3 free attempts for Simple Wishes every day! 

4. Collect online bonuses. The Online bonus can be collected 5 times per day. Watch video ads to shorten the refresh time.

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