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Strategy for new players - run the best boutique possible!

1. Take every opportunity to help a customer you can get! The faster you get your customers happy, the more you can upgrade your shop and get hotter rewards!

2. Try to sell as many articles as possible, within the customer's budget.

3. When determining exactly what the customer needs, try to pay close attention to what they're asking for. If you don't have something suitable in stock, stop by the mall to buy it yourself and make a profit.

4. In order to achieve the highest score possible, you cannot exceed the customer's budget.

5. Each time you help a customer, it'll use some of your stamina. Make sure you make every sale count to its full potential if you want to make your time worthwhile. Understanding the customer needs is essential, and finding the corresponding styles and keyword requires you to really understand your inventory. In other words, play the game more for more success!

6. The quality of the clothes is determined by their star value, so try to give customers the best clothing they can get for their budget. Customers really appreciate getting good value from you!


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