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How to play Clothes Forever

Welcome to Clothes Forever! As soon as you start, you'll need to hit the ground running - your own boutique already has a line out the door!

Customers will appear with specific requests for their own styles and budgets.  Your job is to make their dreams a reality.

Pick the customer you want to help, and hear them out on their specific requirements. You'll then work to find the perfect outfit for them and earn yourself a handsome paycheck!

In Clothes Forever, you're not just selling clothes - you are the very embodiment of fashion! Customers may want to experiement with different outfits, styles, makeup looks and more to succeed!

It's not always easy being the hottest boutique in the city. If inventory is running low, make your way over to the mall to buy new pieces, and resell them to make your profit!

As the owner of the shop, you will also need to travel around the world to see what other fashion capitals are all about. Other cities may also have some fantastic opportunities for you to help other girls!

Compete in international competitions! Upload your own designs to see who can get the most likes! 


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