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Introducing Clothes Forever!

We are proud to announce the online release of Clothes Forever! The hottest new casual game for girls - Dress yourself up and run your own boutique!
In Clothes Forever, keep up with the hottest fashion trends, explore every possible facet of beauty imaginable, and actualize your dreams!
Clothes Forever puts you straight in the middle of the fashion universe, collecting and comparing different articles of clothing from all around the world, designing your own models, and redefining what fashion is all about. With thousands of unique articles of clothing, the fashion world is yours to conquer!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own fashion boutique?  Clothes Forever allows you to actualize your dreams! Run the hottest fashion store in NYC, design your own line, even become a famous celebrity!

Travel the world to explore international fashion trends, and see how girls across the world are dressing themselves!

More new elements!
Put your business ideas to the test, as you manage the fashion boutique of your dreams!
Find the man of your dreams! In Clothes Forever, you can flirt, text, and even dress up the hottest guys!

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