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Introduction about party

1. There are three size of party for you to choose: Simple, Ordinary, and Grand. The grander the party, the grander the rewards.


2. You are free to attend or host as many parties as you would like. Hosting a party will cost you, but every day you are provided with a free attempt to host a simple party. Further attempts need to be purchased. It’s your choice to host a simple, ordinary, or grand party.


3. The bigger the party, the more friends can be invited. Before the party starts, each member can send invites to friends. Select attendees in the friends list and wait for them. If you invite someone by mistakes you can kick them out before the party starts. The party won’t start until the host press the Start button. If you are invited by someone, the invites will show up on the screen. Then you go to Party to see the invites received.

4. A party will last for a few minutes. During the party, attendees can donate drinks, snacks, dance, and use fireworks. Free attempts are provided. You can see your donation in Party Details.


5. After the party ends, those having contributed by drinks, snacks, or dance can obtain 100% of the chocolate for their own contribution, and all other attendees would receive 10% of the chocolate of that contribution.


6. If you quit the party before the party ends, you can’t get the rest of reward.


7. How to use chocolates?

Chocolates can be used in Chocolate Shop where you can buy fragments of background.


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