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Introduction about Pet

1. You can buy fragments in Golden Thumb Shop and Silver Thumb Shop or get fragments from events.

2. Once you own a pet the next step is to take care of your pet. There are three separate bars which show your Pet’s health: Feed, Give Water, and Play.

Feed: Cheap food, Natural food, Organic food. Better food will replenish the bar more.

Give Water: Tap water, Filtered water, Distilled water. Better water will replenish the bar more.

Play: Toys can add pet’s mood points. Better toys will replenish the bar more.

3. How do you get food, water, and toys for your pets?

Every day you have 2 free attempts to give food and water; 1 free attempt to give toys. Further attempts may be purchased. Those can be directly bought with diamonds or on Silver Thumb Shop. Don’t forget to buy Pet Meds in case your pet is sick one day. It can cure pets.

4. You want your pets to look more adorable?

Head over with your pets to Silver Thumb Shop or Gold Thumb Shop to dress them up. There is everything you could ever wish for. Dress your pet with best pieces which will add more points for you in events.

5. If you don’t want your pet anymore or you get repeated pets, there is a humanistic way to do it. You can choose to release your pet; your kindness will be awarded with relevant thumbs.


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